The world of ➝ Pets Dogs, cats, exotic birds

In the world of pets we see history, features, skills, images and videos of dogs, cats, exotic birds and other less common animals that live with us.

The Pets lead 10.000 years as part of our life in the case of dogs. 3.500 years in cats.

There are many benefits provided to us and that is why we must be careful with them. We worrying about your health and your diet.

The company of the Pets they always evoke tenderness, company and friendship. These values ​​should make us reflect and consider our animal companion as a friend.

Mascotarios is a space dedicated to our pets.

We try to make a complete description of the most common breeds that live with us. We will try to pay attention to the origins, features, care, etc, both of our dogs, as our beloved feline.

Exotic birds

We describe the different ➝ exotic birds. We should pay special attention to their vulnerability and discouraging the purchase of these animals in order to keep them in captivity.

Dogs and cats

We will pay attention to the abuse and its disclosure and will try to encourage the adoption of dogs and cats. Defenders and protective animal they call attention to pet overpopulation. Therefore before buying, we must consider the option of adopting. There are many animals that depend on us for their survival.

We need to be responsible with our animals, they give us everything and just ask us anything. We can not leave them stranded.

Wild animals are often kept as pets, es un grave error. The term Wild in this context it applies specifically to the species of animals that have not been subjected to a fundamental change in behavior to facilitate close coexistence with human.

Some species listed in Mascotarios They may have been bred in captivity for a considerable period of time, but they are still not recognized as domesticated animals.



Mascotarios - Perros, gatos, aves exóticas

Exotic birds

Mascotarios - Perros, gatos, aves exóticas

Humans are not alone. On our planet there are plenty of living creatures with whom we share space. Of all these beings only some few tolerate our presence and even feel comfortable in our company. So that there is a good relationship it is very important that this tolerance is mutual.
In this space we are going to treat the different races and species of the animal world that can live with us. We will try to, through its features, let you know which of them could be your mates, at times during his short life, and whom we should contemplate them in their natural environment.

Warm regards and sincerely hope you enjoy our space.